Andro Seeking Expansion for Fibonacci Project

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Andro provides a number of services for defense and security, but their mission is also to create as many opportunities as they can to include Mohawk Valley residents to be apart of this growing field.

Located in the Beeches Professional complex in Rome, Andro is in the process of developing a program designed to draw more interest in stem education. Named after the famous mathematician, The Fibonacci project seeks to link both businesses and the community into technology.

Andrew Drozd, Lead Scientist and President of Andro Computational Solutions says,

" We're bringing STEAM into the area. It's really based on STEM which is the science engineering technology and math, but also trying to put a little bit into the arts as well. And the arts are going to lend towards entertainment and tourism and those facets to the area that are very much lacking."

With adding more variables to the equation, Drozd believes this project can stand out throughout the Mohawk Valley.

"It also deals with how we can also blend together science and art into the area, to embellish and grow the area, make it more visible. And makes this kind of a hub for future activity."

With the Griffiss Air Force Base only a few miles from their facility, Andro also believes work on operational drones is about to take off.

With drone technology is also the need to enforce them which Andro intends of assisting the FAA with very soon.

"So we are coming up with technologies and solutions that counter that to the best we can. Focusing on some of the cyber and nu-air themes and kind of building that path forward. And i think that's where a lot of jobs are going to come out of in the future."

Andro works extensively to protect against security breaches through hacking.

They've also met with the FAA to offer suggestions against protecting air spaces from drones.

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