Fillipenko focuses on Cosmos at Project Fibonacci®


EXPANDING THEIR UNIVERSE — A group of approximately 100 students listens to the keynote speech, “Dark Energy and the Runaway Universe,” by Dr. Alex Filippenko during pat of Monday’s Project Fibonacci STEAM conference. The conference, which has attracted students from as far away as Washington state, continues throughout the week. (Sentinel photos by Makenzi Enos)


DIFFERENT PATHS — Dr. Alex Filippenko shares a light moment during his “dark energy” keynote, discussing with students a classified ad that mistakes “cosmology,” the study of the universe, with “cosmetology,” the art or professional of applying cosmetics.


DARK MATTER — Dr. Alex Filippenko talks about dark matter and the expanding universe at Rome Free Academy on Monday.


BOUND TOGETHER — Dr. Alex Filippenko talks with students about galaxies and how black matter works with gravity to hold them together during a keynote address Monday as part of the Project Fibonacci STEAM conference. Sessions today included studies of the human heart with a tour of the Masonic Medical Research Laboratory and discussions with lab researchers at the Utica site. (Sentinel photo by Makenzi Enos)


A portrait of Dr. Alex Filippenko speaking. (Sentinel photo by Makenzi Enos)

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