Christine McKinley


Christine McKinley is a mechanical engineer, musician, and author. Her musical Gracie and the Atom, won a Portland Drammy for Original Score. Her book Physics for Rock Stars was published in 2014 by Penguin Random House. Christine hosted Brad Meltzer’s Decoded on History Channel and Under New York on Discovery Channel.

Physics for Rock Stars is a clever, wryly passionate homage to the beauty of physics. It’s also a memoir of a Catholic girlhood, and that makes for a strange mix, but it works. Think Tobias Wolff meets Richard Feynman, only female.

In Physics for Rock Stars, Christine McKinley presents science as performance art. She shows us how to use physics to perform fancy microphone throws, escape from a sinking car with outfit intact, discover your true identity, stop pointlessly spinning your wheels, handle chaos, and keep secrets.

Christine is a passionate and hilarious Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education advocate. She explains to students how an understanding of physics will help them execute a proper stage dive and win a fistfight on a speeding train. Christine leads by example, showing young people how to create a "hand made life" by choosing a career in engineering, science, and anything else they want to add.  She is admittedly a little nuts about physics.


Christine starts her new religion at the March 4th, 2011 LiveWire! radio show.

In her new book Physics For Rock Stars, Christine McKinley says there’s no reason to be afraid of math and science, and she draws on examples from her own life to prove it.

Christine McKinley, author of "Physics for Rock Stars," performs a song about entropy & arson.

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