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Kevin Delaney is a 'science guy,' storyteller and host of Science Channel’s popular show Street Science.  Street Science focuses on unique experiments involving chemistry, fire and explosions, among others, caught in slow-motion footage.  In the show, Delaney leaves his lab behind and hits the streets to conduct "larger-than-life demos" combining "scientific method with curiosity and plain old-fashioned ingenuity." The experiments include creating a man-made fire tornado, turning leaf blowers into homemade hovercrafts, impressing a crowd by making an instant nitrogen cloud and visiting a salon to share a surprising use for its hydrogen peroxide.

In addition to the show, Delaney is also a science presenter and director of visitor experience at Arkansas' Museum of Discovery in Little Rock.  At the museum, he performs Awesome Science demonstrations for visitors of all ages and helped to develop the Science After Dark program for adults.  Kevin's talent for science communication landed him a recurring spot on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon as the resident science presenter, performing demonstrations with Jimmy and celebrity guests as lab assistants.  The results have always delivered large scale eruptions, explosions, and more.

Prior to joining the museum staff, Delaney worked as a playwright, performer, and educator. Developing and presenting educational programs at a zoo, and working with the staff and animals there, sparked a professional interest in combining his storytelling skills with his scientific curiosity. 

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Jimmy Fallon performs science experiments with Kevin Delaney.  In this episode, they launch 1000 Alka-Seltzer rockets.

Kevin Delaney, visitor experience director, presents Awesome Science at the Museum of Discovery

Check out a sneak peek of the newest series from Science, starring Kevin Delaney. Street Science tries out explosive experiments and captures them in dramatic slow motion.

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